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Versatile Vocal Range

From the boardroom executive, to the engaging college professor, to the likable guy-next-door, Steve Interrrante has a vocal range that fits well in a wide variety of voice-over roles.

Steve retired from the US Navy after a 20 year career as a "mustang," the colloquial term given to an enlisted sailor who becomes a commissioned officer. His varied and colorful career took him all over the world, providing him with experience and insight that are readily evident in his consummate professionalism.

Steve has notable experience as a practicing physician, university professor, and board chairman, with blue collar roots as an electrician and sailor. All of which adds authenticity and credibility to his voice-over projects. 

Medical Narration Specialist

In addition to over 17 years of experience as a practicing physician, Steve is certified as a Medical Narration Specialist. His expertise and experience lend authenticity to Medical Narration projects.

Experience Where It Counts


Steve has been involved in the entertainment industry since his early teenage years, when he hosted his own radio program featuring local gospel music artists in the Philadelphia area.


He worked as a voice talent with the Live Wires Entertainment Agency in Seattle and has been a featured vocalist or emcee at a wide variety of functions for over 3 decades.

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